2018 New Sheds



One of the most significant events occuring in the park each year is our "Flea Market".

This single event provides the  Recreation Committeeand by extension our residents, the funds needed to support the many activities we enjoy.

Over the course of the year we all contribute to this effort, by the donation of the "Treasures" we provide.

These treasures have to be stored until the big event and the two old sheds, that we had used for many years, finally reached the end of their useful life.

This year the Rec Committee approved the purchase of two new sheds and thanks to the efforts of Tai & Bob Quinn they were installed today.


 Bob, Marc and Bill tote the blocks for setup 


 "A little to the left,,,,,, no, a little to the right"  



 No BOB, we can't move them a back "Little" to the left





 Now ready for some shelves to receive all of our "Treasures"