2018 Summer Projects in the Park


A few major projects have begun for the summer

  • Continued Water Line Replacement
    • As you may have been aware, we will be installing new water lines along the Swordfish finger as part of a multi-year project.  Over the course of time, waterline breaks, in the old system, have been responsable for many thousands of gallons of water loss. Over time this loss costs ALL of us money since it is un-metered usage not charged to a single owner. However, collectively we still pay the county for its use as part of our monthly maintenance fee.
    • As of 2 July the new waterlines are in. Now we need to wait until Aug to allow the trenches to settle befroe repaving can begin.


  • Sewer Line Inspection 
    • Because of potential river water intrusion, we have been experiencing  continuing problems at the south end sewage lift station. It would appear we are pumping Indian RIver water into the St Lucie County treatment system. It has also costs us in terms of pump replacements and maintenance costs. In an attempt to identify the scope of the problem we are having the sewer lines inspected with cameras to pinpoint potential problem areas. Once this is done, repair action can begin. 


Here are a few Pictures of the progression of these projects

Water Line:

31 May





2 Jul 2018 - Waterlines are in. Now we wait until Aug to allow the trenches to settle before repaving.



Sewer Line:

Near 631 manhole