Hurricane Matthew Update

Hurricane Matthew Update


1 pm 25 Oct 2016NO additional pictures/information will be

posted about Matthew


9am 21 Oct 2016 - Southbound travelers -  Check this site for updated I-95 road conditions 


9am  14 Oct 2016 - Message from Bill Lembach


10pm 13 Oct 2016 - Southbond I-95 is still closed at NC exit 78 and is expected to be closed thru Oct 21st. Travelers should exercise caution if relying on GPS instructions to get around NCDOT published detours. MANY secondary roads and bridges have been washed out (i.e. don't exist anymore). 


9am 12 Oct 2016 - Park bound travelers from the northeast, be aware that a significant portion of I-95, from Just north of Fayetteville NC to the NC/SC line, is still closed.

Check this site for updated conditions and recommended detours 

If you are coming south through Richmond/Petersburg VA, you might consider I-85 to Raleigh then Charlotte, I-77 to Columbia SC, I-26 back to I-95. It is obviously longer.


3pm 10 Oct 2016Park cleanup still underway, attached are a few more pictures.



MATTHEW hit many along the coast. I (Bob McAllister) would like to pass on the following caution to anyone heading south through North Carolina over the next week… check road conditions daily.

If you are coming south from points in Virginia north, you may find that you need to take a more westerly route like I-85 or I-77. Matthew has created havoc on almost all roads in central and eastern NC. I-95 through central NC, where we live in Fayetteville, is closed in both directions over significant stretches, as are portions of US 301 and US13. We live in an area just east of Fayetteville that is virtually cut off from Fayetteville because the storm has washed out roads and continues to overwash bridges. Significant power outages plague the area (managed find a generator today) and may not be restore for a week or more, so if you do come this way, call ahead to make sure your hotel has power. Top off as often as possible as gas along the way could be iffy. Many of the streams and rivers will not crest for another few days. Normally the Cape Fear River under NC24, which is how we normally go into town, is at least 60 ft below the bridge. Today we finally managed to get into town and the water is almost at the bottom of the bridge and still rising. Anybody know where they built that Ark?


11am 8 Oct 2016 -  We are sorry but until further notice, because of the intensity of cleanup efforts, ONLY EMERGENCY CALLS should be made to ELVIS or BILL LEMBACH.

                        Enquiries regarding property damage should be made via    e-mail to  and they will be answered as soon as possible. Be sure to include your Name, Lot number and contact phone



Here is a brief damage assessment for some of the docks in the park. 

  • Seawall breach at lot # 631 All docks on the open river west  were destroyed lot # 631 - 642 in St Lucie. 
  • All docks in Venture Harbor west open river side severely damage or destroyed. 
  • All docks Indian River west open river 900 block destroyed. 
  • All docks Indian River lot # 873- lot # 888 Fishing station seawall breach damage.


Crews are beginning to clear the mud off of park roads. This mud is several inches thick and the consistency of asphalt.

The few full time residents in the park are attempting to clear debris from common areas.






6 PM 7 Oct 2016 - WE NEED HELP !!! 


Remember, all homeowners are responsible for clean up of their property.


While we may have dodged a bullet during this storm, further evaluation of the park during the day has revealed that we need HELP. The amount of debris scattered in the park is beyond belief. Four of us Bill Lembach, Bill Reader, Rick Harmon and Elvis spent 4 hours this afternoon just trying to clear and stack what was left of the Marina docks. ALL of the Marina docks, as well as ALL of the docks along the Indian River are gone or suffered MAJOR damage and much of this is somewhere in the park.


Several of the roads in St Lucie, Harbour and Indian River are covered in several inches of mud. We are trying to get a crew to come in tomorrow  to scrape the roads. 
While most of the homes have come through unscathed, several have lost roofs, awnings, lifts, and portions of the home. Significant damage was done to the trees along the north end of the park in Indian River and debris from these is scattered on owner properties.


Homeowners are reminded that they are responsible for the cleanup of their private property and NOT Venture3. If it becomes necessary for Venture 3 to hire someone to clean debris from your property to  ensure community safety and operations, the homeowner will be assessed accordingly.



If you can find your way here to help we can certainly use every able body.


A few more pictures added this afternoon.


10am 7 Oct 2016

Over the next few days we will try to provide residents with information about the impacts of Hurricane Matthew on the park.

As of 8am 7 Oct, the preliminary indications are that the park suffered minimal damage, at least when compared to our experiences in 2004.

Mr Bill Reader, who decided to ride the storm out at home, provided this initial information.

Some tree damage, quite a bit of wood strewn about, probably from docks and piers lifted by the surge. A few sheds blown over. 

Appears to be significant damage to the piers along the marina. The large sail boats at the south end are still afloat. The house boat on the north end has one pontoon on the side walk.

Unlike 2004, there does not appear to have been any flooding or overwash of the island or the park in particular.

Water to the island was shut off at around 2pm Thur but should be restored shortly. Martin county recommends residents boil water for the next 2 days while tests are run after the shutdown.

The causeway has re-opend.


 Local area TV reports can be found here , Jensen Beach Causeway 

Elvis did a quick survey of the park  early this morning (7 Oct) and here are some pictures of what he found.