Venture Three

Contract Information Page


1. Florida Statute §718.111(12)(g)2.e mandates that a list of all executory contracts/documents entered into by a condominium association and which exceed $500, must be posted on that associations web site for a period of 1 year. This may be in the form of a bid summary or copies of the actual contract bids. 

2. An executory contract is a contract that has been entered into, but has not yet been fully performed or fully executed. Accordingly,  only open contracts, or those closed (executed) within the last year will appear below.

3. Contract information will appear in 2 sections below. Currently Open or Closed within the last 12 months

4. Each  contract listed will appear in a separate page with all associated documents.


Current Executory Contracts

1.  2019 Southend Water Project - Awarded to XYZ Plumbing 1 April 2019



Executed Contracts Completed between  March 2018 & March 2019


1. Replace V3 Mailboxes - Awared to Dallas Maibox 7 Mar 2018 - Executed 1 Jun 2018

2. Electrical Service at Overflow Parking - Awarded to Law Electrical  5 April 2018 - Executed 1 Jun 2018

3. Interior Clubhouse Painting - Awarded to New Heights Painting 26 March 2018 - Executed 1 Jun 2018