Venture III "Woodworms"

 Venture III is proud of its extensive woodworking shop.

Open 24/7, our shop contains all of the woodworking tools necessary to create projects large and small.

Use of the "Woodworms" shop is limited to Owners and Renters of Venture III. 

Any Owner or Renter wishing to use the shop must sign a Liability Waiver and pay an annual $20 key deposit/maintenance fee.

If help is needed in the proper use of any of the shop equipment, users are encouraged to contact a member of the "Woodworms" committee who will be glad to assist.

Storage lockers are currently available for users to keep their own small hand tools. A rental fee of $10 per year is required.

 Equipment includes:

                      10" Sliding Compound Miter                  10"Grizzly Table Saw w/large auxillary and outfeed tables

                       13" Dewalt Surface Planner                     Jointer Planner

                       Band Saws                                                Industrial Drill Press

                       Hydraulic Press                                        Assorted hand tools

                      Centralized dust collection                      Jig/Scroll Saw

                      Router and Router table                          Belt and Rotary Disc sanders

                      Grinders                                                   Large workbench/assembly space

The following restrictions apply when working in the shop:

  1. NO METAL cutting can be performed using shop power tools.
  2. Work limited to "new" wood, not reclaimed lumber. This to avoid damage from old nails and screws.
  3. "Work in progress" projects may NOT be "Stored" in the shop overnight. Take it home, bring it back tomorrow.
  4. Users MUST clean up after themselves. Brooms and vacums are available.


The shop has CCTV security used to monitor and RECORD shop users. 

Violators of shop rules  will be subject to equipment repair costs and potential loss of access privileges.

Blatent violation of basic safety procedures may also be grounds for loss of access privilege.