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2022 Beach Restoration

Beach restoration began along Hutchinson Island in early April. Now at the beginning of May they have finally reached the beach in front of V3. Click HERE for the St Lucie County information site. The county hopes to be completed by 9 May

In the pictures below you will see a great deal of activity. Sand is pumped ashore from the near shore barge thru the steel piping laid along the beach. At the end of the pipe is a steel cage that appears to be used to disperse the sand around the cage so that it can be spread by the dozers. Each dozer is equipped with GPS to aid in correctly spreading the sand. 

There are 2 barges in operation. While the near shore is pumping, the off shore barge (up to 5 mi out) is sucking sand and loading. 

Watch video HERE

Photos Bill Lembach, Bob McAllister and John McCluney's drone views
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