Venture 3 COVID-19 Notices

General Guidelines for Official Business and Use of Venture 3 Common Facilities during the COVID-19 (Corona Virus) Pandemic



21 July 2020


The Emergency Power Document that the V-3 board has been making decisions under has been rescinded, therefore the pool and library will open tomorrow Wednesday 7/22/2020, with restrictions.
No pool furniture, Reduced hours, operation 50% capacity limit, social distancing, and masks are recommended.

7 July 2020


On March 9th, Governor DeSantis issued a “Public Health Emergency” Executive Order to deal with the consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic. This order was extended on May 8th for a period of 60 days, or July 7th. On July 7th, the Governor signed Executive Order 2020-166 which extends the existing state of emergency for an additional 60 days or September 5th.


We know that this extension will be disappointing to many people.  However, given the soaring rates of infection, and the fact that there has not been a marked improvement in Florida pandemic conditions since 10 June, Venture Three will keep in place the decisions made by the Board of Directors on 10 Jun 2020.


Bill Lembach

President, Venture Three

June 10, 2020

To: Venture Three Owners  


From: William Lembach, President Venture Three

Subject: Special Board Meeting

On 10 Jun 2020, the V-3 Board met in a special Session to discuss the pros and cons of opening some or all of our Venture Three amenities. There were 9 Board members present, 7 in person and 2 by phone, equally representing Venture Harbour, Indian River and St. Lucie. We also welcomed 32 residents.

After I made some brief introductory comments, we presented a webinar video, by a premier law firm here in the State of Florida, which addressed some of the legal aspects of reopening and the authority of the board to make these decisions under the current gubernatorial declared state of emergency .

After watching the webinar we got down to business.

I decided to address each of the common areas individually, discussing the sanitizing plan and any associated restrictions for its reopening.

Swimming Pool: I made a motion to open the swimming pool effective Monday June 15, 2020 with restrictions and with a schedule for sanitizing the area. Additionally, one lady’s bathroom and one men’s bathroom would also be opened. The board had a lively decision with Board Members expressing their opinions both for opening and for staying closed. Applause from the attending residents appeared to be evenly split between supporting those arguments for opening and supporting the arguments to remain closed. A vote on the motion to open failed in a 5-4 vote. 5 Board members voted to keep the pool closed and 4 voted in favor of opening. 


Fitness Center: I then made a motion to open the Fitness Center effective Monday June 15, 2020 with restrictions. Again, a discussion took place and a vote was called. The Board voted 6 in favor of opening the Fitness Center and 3 opposed the opening. The Yes votes were the majority and the Fitness Center will open with restrictions and protocols for sanitization.


Woodshop: I made a third motion to open the woodshop on Monday June 15, 2020 with restrictions and protocols for sanitization. Again discussion followed and a vote was called. The vote was 9-0 in favor of opening the woodshop.


Pool Room: The next motion was to open the pool room with restrictions and sanitization protocols.  After discussion, a vote was taken and the vote was 8 in favor of opening and 1 opposed. The motion carried and the pool room will open on Monday June 15, 2020.


Library: My final motion of the meeting was not to open the library at this time. A lengthy discussion took place and a vote was taken. There were 6 votes in favor of remaining closed and 3 in favor of opening. The library will remain closed at this time.


Marc Thyrring made a motion to open the library with a restriction of one person in the room at a time and hand sanitizer being provided. Again, discussion took place and a vote was taken and the motion did not pass with 8 opposed to opening and 1 in favor of opening. The library will remain closed.


Rest Rooms: Since we will not be opening the pool, the men’s and ladies bathrooms will remained closed until the swimming pool is reopened.


Clubhouse: There is nothing scheduled for the next 6 months. Therefore, the clubhouse also remains closed until an evaluation is done in the fall, when activities usually start.


The 3 areas that will open will have signage informing owners what our expectations are for each room to remain open.


If we observe that people are not following the protocols that we have approved, then we will close that particular venue until the state of emergency is lifted or the board re-evaluates its closure.


If you want these amenities to stay open, then please police yourself and your neighbors, to make sure everyone is doing what is expected. 


In accordance with current state and local guidance, any occurrence of a positive Covid-19 in Venture 3 would automatically trigger a re-evaluation of our opening plans.

Your Board Members are doing their best to make decisions that protect all of us and at the same time begin to open our facilities.

Please bear in mind, we are taking those steps that we are reasonably capable performing in re-opening. Given the current pandemic, the decision to utilize these facilities, with the published restrictions and sanitation plan, is yours.

Thank You,


May 27, 2020

To: All Venture Three Owners Who Rent Their Property

Today we received guidance from the St. Lucie County Office of Tourism sharing their plan for short-term vacation rentals. Please be aware that, effective immediately, you will not be allowed to rent your property to anyone from the following states:

New York, Connecticut, Maryland,New Jersey, Delaware, Massachusetts, Illinois, Rhode Island, Louisiana,
Michigan, Washington, D.C.

Please note that this plan may be updated and/or amended every two (2) weeks, as necessary. We will pass on additional information as we receive it.

Thank you.

Bill Lembach, President

May 26, 2020
The Board of Directors of Venture Three met on May 26,2020 to discuss how and if we should re-open our closed facilities. There were 7 members of the Board who attended the meeting.

I presented the Board with a host of material that had come from lawyers, insurance representatives and TV News coverage, as well as the CDC, State Officials and St Lucie County Officials. After reading and reviewing everything, I made a presentation as to how we could re-open, with major restrictions, if the Board thought it was reasonable to do so.

The Board looked at everything and had a great discussion about the pros and cons of re-opening. A vote was taken and the Board unanimously voted to remain closed. Another meeting will be scheduled prior to July 1, 2020 to re-evaluate and discuss what to do.

The Board’s primary reason for staying closed was their concern for the health and safety of our residents. We are not in a position to guarantee to any of you that we can sanitize as often as required by CDC guidelines or monitor the restricted use rules that we would be putting in place. The summer months are always difficult for us to enforce our current, common sense rules when we have short term renters and their guest who don’t view our Community in the same way all of you do. The Board felt the policing action that would be required to ensure everyone’s safety would fall on my shoulders and they considered this to be unfair to put me or anyone in this position.

We Thank all of you for your understanding and patience. The Board has a responsibility to all of you and feels this is the right decision at this time.

Bill Lembach
President V3

                                                 IMPORTANT MESSAGE TO V-3 OWNERS

                                                                    15MAY 2020

On Thursday, May 14, I called a meeting of the V-3 Executive Committee. Members of that Committee are: Paul Nicolaisen, Indian River President, Bob McAllister, Venture Harbor President, Diane Edwards, V-3 Treasurer, Richard Puckett, V-3 Secretary, Elvis Rock, V-3 Property Manager and Bill Lembach, St. Lucie President and V-3 President.

The meeting was called to discuss when and how we should re-open our facilities. After reviewing all of our options it was agreed that we will continue to keep everything shut down, but will meet again on Tuesday, May 26 and outline a strategy to open our facilities by June 1.

Venture Three is going through the same thought process that we see taking place by State Governors and City Mayors. No one has the perfect answer. We have people who want everything opened today and others who say it is to soon and don’t rush. No side is right and no side is wrong. It is their personal opinion.

When we do open, it will be different from what we are used to. Just like stores and restaurants we will open with restrictions. Our owners and guests will need to follow CDC guidelines and social distance and wear masks where possible.

We have purchased a powerful disinfectant and a pump sprayer which will assist us in disinfecting bathrooms, pool chairs, door handles and railings. This will help, but we will still need your cooperation.
How do we sanitize the wood shop?

How do we sanitize the library and the books on the shelf?

If you have any ideas please contact any member of the committee.

This is all new to all of us, so your patience and understanding during these unprecedented times is appreciated.

Bill Lembach, Venture Three President
Thank You!


30 April 2020

All V3 Common Property Buildings will remain Closed

On 26 March, all V3 Community property buildings were closed, and the use of common community activity equipment curtailed. This was done in compliance with current state and CDC social distancing and sanitation guidelines.

On 29 April, Gov DeSantis announced that, effective Monday 4 May, Florida will begin to selectively and slowly and methodically reopen selected businesses, public amenities and other aspects of our economy. However, his action did not significantly change existing social distancing and sanitation requirements.
These guidelines HAVE NOT been relaxed. A key factor in the opening of public amenities is the ability of the owner, in the case of private business, and local governments to periodically sanitize publicly accessed locations and ensure the social distancing requirements are maintained.

One of the reasons the V3 Board of Directors closed our facilities is that we have neither the full-time staff, nor the necessary supplies to routinely sanitize pool deck chairs and tables, bathrooms, exercise equipment, pool room equipment, etc. THIS REQUIREMENT HAS NOT CHANGED. Therefore, we have no choice but to maintain closure of these facilities until the need to perform these requirements has been lifted.

Due to the cooperation of our owners and guests, we have kept our private beach access open. We will continue to do so, as long as the St Lucie county social distancing protocols remain in effect and we as a community continue to observe them.

We apologize for the hardship that this policy might cause to our members and guests, but our primary concern must be the health and safety of our community.

Bill Lembach

Effective today, March 26, 2020, ALL Venture Three Common Property Buildings are CLOSED. This includes any common equipment storage lockers for Shuffleboard, Bocce, and Pickleball that are accessible with the #1 key.

This action is being taken in accordance with Florida Statute 718.1265 “Association Emergency Powers.”

“Based upon advice of licensed professionals retained by the Board, determine any portion of the condominium property unavailable for entry or occupancy by unit owners, family members, tenants, guests, agents, or invitees to protect the health, safety, or welfare of such persons.”

“The special powers authorized under subsection (1) shall be limited to that time reasonably necessary to protect the health, safety and welfare of the association and the unit owners and the unit owners family members, tenants, guests, agents or invitees and shall be reasonably necessary to mitigate further damage.”

Venture Three Board of Directors



For the duration of the current Corona Virus emergency, Venture three will endeavor to adhere as closely as possible to Federal, State and Local directives.

  • MEETINGS: ALL “Official” meetings are CANCELED until further notice.


  • VENTURE 3 OFFICE: Effective Monday, March 23rd the Office will be closed to all walk-in business in order to limit exposure to V3 staff. We request that any dealings with the V3 Office be conducted by E-Mail ( or telephone between the hours of 8:00 AM and 12:30 PM. You may use the office drop-box for submission of any payments,


  • These precautions are being taken to ensure the safety of our community.



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