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Procedures for Unit Sale/Purchase and RV Rental Hookup


If you are planning to sell or have recently purchased a home in V3, you will need to follow the instructions posted below.

For existing RV owners there are also instructions here for your arrival and departure connections.

1. Contact Hotwire, at the number above, and coordinate a service termination date.
2. Hotwire will send you a UPS shipping label.
3. Disconnect each white Set Top box by removing the TV HDMI and power cables (also RJ45 cable to the EERO, if connected).
Gather remotes (remove batteries)
4. Disconnect ALL cables on the the white EERO Modem/Router.
5. Gather all hardware. Include the associated power supplies.
6. DO NOT DO ANYTHING with the large black ONT Box mounted on the wall.
7. Within Business days of termination, take the equipment, along with the label, to the most convenient UPS shipping store for return. Retain turn-in receipt for your records. It is NOT necessary to box the equipment.
8. RV Lot owners who sell will follow these same instructions, however the MoCA signal adapter, normally used inside the RV, will ALSO be RETURNED. NO EQUIPMENT is to be removed from the Pedestal. Coax cable can be left in place.


1. Contact Hotwire, at the number above, to establish your new account and coordinate a service install date. 
2. Under the Bulk Hotwire contract, each unit is entitled to one EERO-Router Modem and a Set top box for each TV, up to 3, Free of charge.
3. Additional services, such as higher TV channel tiers, home phone service, security, etc., are the responsibility of the homeowner and should be discussed with Hotwire at the time of your initial call. 
3. On the designated date, Hotwire will send an installation technician  to perform the setup and provide basic use instruction.
4. RV lot buyers should be sure to indicate such to Hotwire during your setup call. They will need to bring additional equipment.

Instructions for RV Lot Owner Rentals

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