Venture 3 Main Gate access service.


        In the past, only local 772 area code numbers could be added to the front gate access system. Homeowners who had no local land line or local cell service were not able to use the gate service and “Buzz in” visitors, contractors or delivery personnel.


       As of 4 Jun 2019 this service has been expanded to include long distance numbers. You will now be able to use your northern cell phone number to control gate access. This will include Canadian area codes.


       The service is ONLY available to registered V3 and Holiday Out OWNERS.


       If you are a VENTURE 3 Owner, and wish to avail yourself of this service, please send an e-mail to the V3 office manager at  Include the owners Name, Lot Number and desired Phone Number. Only ONE phone number can be registered per lot. Canadian users, please include the "1" in front of your area code to remind us that it is an international area code.


Names will appear in an alphabetic listing on the screen at the gate, along with your assigned 3 digit code. For St Lucie and Indian River owners, the visitor will enter your 3 digit LOT number. For Harbour residents, a unique 3 digit number will be assigned, since the system does not allow Alpha characters in the code.

       Once your phone rings, and you identify the caller, simply press "9" to grant access.