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Venture Three Owner/Tenant Responsibilities

Renters MUST Register with the V3 Office

Venture Three property owners are reminded that they and their rental tenants have certain responsibilities under Venture Three Rules and Regulations. Specifically, paragraph 2 with regard to Rental Tenant Registration.

2. Responsibilities of Owners, Guest, and Tenants

    2.A. All owners, guests, and tenants are subject to the Venture Three, Inc. Rules and Regulations as well as those of their individual Association.


    2.B. To be in conformance with Florida Law and to facilitate prompt response in an emergency, it is mandatory that all owners, guests, and tenants are required to register at the Venture Three, Inc. Office when commencing their stay in the Park, and that owners and tenants shall notify the office when leaving the park for any contiguous period of seven (7) or greater number of days. Absentee owners may comply with this requirement by registering as such and placing contact information on file with the Venture Three, Inc. office.


    2.C. It is the responsibility of unit owners to pre-register guests who are scheduled to arrive at times when the Office is closed. Such pre-registration achieves compliance with par. 2.C above and will allow the owner to pre-arrange for any services that may be needed for the guest, such as Storage Lot access or special parking provisions.

In order to ensure the safety of V3 residents, it is imperative that ALL residents, particularly rental tenants, register their arrival AND departure. Owners are also responsible for ensuring that this is done. This registration requirement also applies to resident owners when they return to the park.

During emergencies, such as hurricanes, having injured unregistered tenants could turn deadly if a unit is damaged and the office is unaware it is supposed to be occupied.

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