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These are basic forms used in the Venture Three communities

Completed and Signed forms should be submitted to the V3 Office or the Rec Committee as appropriate

V3 Blank Forms

Used to register a formal complaint with the V3 office or association boards.

Form 101

This form must be attached and made part of all drawings or plans regarding construction, remodeling, setting or resetting of any permanent structure, concrete work or any other work that would be effected by the rules, regulations and bylaws of any of the V3 associations. (Multiple signatures required. Print and complete by hand).

 IAW Chapter 718, Section 718.112(2)(d)3 of Florida Statute, this form is REQUIRED to be completed by any member of a Condominium Association Board member within 90 DAYS of election to the board.

To be completed by part time (Seasonal) residents/owners and submitted to the V3 office PRIOR to departure

This form is required for any renters or long term guests who will be staying in the park. It is also necessary to obtain a V3 parking permit.  The form should  be signed and returned to the V3 office.

This is the authorization, by the property owner, for individuals to rent, lease or otherwise occupy their property.

Lease agreement for boaters wishing to lease a V3 Marina Slip. This form may be downloaded and provided to the V3 Office.

Planning an Events? Find forms here

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