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6 Oct 2017  FEMA Assistance Program for IRMA


25 Sep 2017

Open Letter to the V3 Property Manager - Subject:Hurricane Irma Prep and Clean Up

September 25, 2017

 Mr. Elvis Rock, Manager

Venture Three, Inc.                                                           

Re: Hurricane Irma Prep and Clean Up

Upon returning home, shortly after evacuating the island ahead of Hurricane Irma, the first thought that entered my mind was that something was terribly wrong.

The Venture Three grounds were cleared. Roadways were wide open for travel. Debris was neatly stacked. Damaged areas were being worked on.

But then, I realized “No, nothing was wrong”. Instead, something was terribly right, terribly typical of our V-3 community. Volunteers, our friends and neighbors, working with neither the availability of nor the luxury of running water and electric power, had prioritized the needs of their community and neighbors above their own comfort and personal property to perform post-storm cleanup. This group was comprised of many of the same individuals who’d worked pre-storm prep, which included cleaning up private lots whose owners hadn’t bothered to do their own and/or neighbor’s property safeguarding.

 My deepest admiration for and gratitude to: (*)

Cheryl Bryson

Chuck Eichacker

Kevin Floyd

Mike Geraty

Rick Harmon

Bill and Gail Lembach

Bob McAllister for providing up to date V-3website info and pictures from his N. Carolina home.

Bill Reader

Mike Richards

Elvis Rock

Janet Sigler

Don Snodgrass

Bob Woodhull



 Sally Cousino

 (*) Apologies to any volunteer overlooked!



31Oct 2016 -


Today I had had a visit from the St Lucie County Sheriff's Office. Over the summer they have received numerous complaints, from pedestrians, about golf carts and bicyclists on the sidewalks.

They wanted to notify members of the community that unlicensed/unregistered golf carts are NOT permitted to operate on public highways, and that this includes the sidewalks adjacent to the highway.

Residents who operate  golf carts on the sidewalk or in the roadway are subject to a $250 citation and, at the discretion of the officer, possible impoundment of the vehicle.

Residents MAY use their golf cart  to access community beach property by using the sidewalk ONLY as far as the direct crossing point leading to the beach gate or the Holiday Out Recreation area.

If residents are observed  SOUTH of the Holiday Out Rec area (i.e. Strawberry/Post Office, Cumberland Farms) ORANYWHERE NORTH of our entrance gate, they will be deemed in violation.


Elvis R. Rock, LCAM

Property Manager

Venture Three, Inc.




Please be advised the Venture Three Management team will be conduct hurricane preparedness inspections of your property during the months of May and June.


Please take the necessary steps to remove or secure any loose items on your property before you depart the property, if these items are not removed or secured in the event of a pending hurricane, Management has the responsibility to minimize damages and injuries and will remove or secure these items at your expense.


Remember it is mportant to store all loose items inside prior to June 1st in preparation for the hurricane season and to maintain the aesthetic appearance of the community.  Also in your absence please provide the Venture Three office with all of your updated contact information to include who will be maintaing your property i.e. weed control and other maintenance issues relating to your property.


Please review the following documents in preperation for the hurricane season.


Hurricane Safety Tips

Hurricane Safety Check List

Risks of Unlicensed Contractors 

Absentee Owner Information/Contact Form



 If you have any questions regarding this notification, please contact my office.  Thank you




Elvis R. Rock, LCAM

Property Manager

Venture Three, Inc.



Thank you Letter  - Sep 2015

First let me just say Thank You ! You got our water back on again, You always do !!

My wife and I have lived in V3 since 1990 we came here to park our 5th wheel for a few months while I went to school. We stayed and bought our house #646 one year later. We started a new business and have been here ever since, 25 years. We used to call V3 “Poor Man’s Paradise” but now we just call it home…sweet home.

This weekend Labor Day weekend 2015 we had an emergency problem, a big storm came over us and a lighting strike blew out the main old galvanized water pipe that supplied the water to most of V3’s south side residents. Before we even woke up on Saturday morning to find out we had no water Bill Lembach, our friend, next door neighbor and president of V3 was already up at 5:30 and getting people out on a holiday weekend, Elvis of course, the plumbers and the volunteer team he put together that work together for us here in the Park… the mission find the problem and fix it. And they did ! Thanks Team great job ! Thanks for giving up your Labor Day weekend, to get us back our water and make sure we were comfortable and safe in our homes again.

What a team…we had water in less than 36 hours on a Labor day weekend and that is very impressive for they had to find a 1000 feet of pipe on a Holiday weekend. I don’t think the likes of Harbour Ridge Yacht and Country Club, or some other $750 a month POAs could have done it as fast or would have cared to get out and try for the sake of the few summer time residents that were without water at home.

Thanks to the Bill Lembach’s Team, Elvis, Cheryl, Cathy, Sally and every other volunteer who selflessly gives their time to make this home of ours purr along as if it were managed by a unlimited budget of professionals. They do it for free, don’t let that secret out because that might make all the complainers want to get in on the free work at the Venture III office or board of directors positions LOL.

Thanks to the V3 “BEST” Team, Please don’t move quit or die, we need you. I am too lazy and selfish to get involved myself… and so are most of my neighbors. BEST stands for “Bill & Elvis’s Swat Team”

Our POA is not at a high dollar $750 a month POA at the Island Dunes condos or a big country club in Stuart. We don’t have a big office staff and a management company to try and take care of things from an office off site. I don’t think any of those POA organizations could have or would have pulled this off on any weekend let alone a holiday weekend, no matter the monthly cost to members or overtime for themselves ! This would just have to wait until they could look at it on Tuesday and maybe find the problem… get bids, argue about how it will be paid how much the assessment will be ? Maybe in a week or so the water would be restored along with a very large price to pay for it. But our little BEST swat team of commandos hit the ground running checked the bank balance and Team V3 made it happen. I mention this to all our Venture 3 residents because it’s a big deal that goes by unnoticed and unappreciated for what it really is…even in the middle of season. And all the other stuff that goes by here unnoticed and or unappreciated over the last 10 years since Bill Lembach and company (team) have been planning, budgeting, rewriting all condo docs and rules, basically protecting our communities’ future, and because of this volunteer team we will have a better, safer, more fun and well-functioning community to live in for the next ten years and further maybe. Thanks to the BEST !

In the past 25 Years we have seen a lot of Presidents and Board members that have all had personal agendas and no real vision or interest in V3’s future. I even joined the board once about 1994 to see if I could find out how the park was run and what plans were on the road map. I was laughed off the board because I could see and objected to the self-centered “good old boys club” they would push through things in the summer months that were against park and county rules so they could get what they wanted and when they did they were done with the board and management could be passed on to the next good old boy who wanted the next special variant to the rules to go his way.

That said I hope this get’s people thinking about how this place runs and what it takes to make it come in on budget year after year and how our monthly POA has increased so little over the past 25 years even after 3 hurricanes dead center in the park and Jensen Beach. The two week hurricane clean up every day hauling debris out to the dump truck after truck I think after Wilma I paid a $125 dollar assessment and that was the first and last assessment that I have had to pay since… unbeliveable. In 1990 my POA bill was just under a $90 now 25 years later During that time we have had county sewer system, road pavings, V3 bought the land for the RV & boat storage area, new clubhouse expansion, re-roofing, seawalls in the marina, tennis courts installed and upgraded, volley ball beach courts, pool improvements and upkeep, 6 new pool tables, Comcast upgrades, lawns common area upkeep settled and working great, three gates, beach access improvements, hell I can’t even remember how many things have been improved and expanded or somehow made better and safer. Thanks BEST !

If we expect V3, our community to just go on without future involvement of Bill and people like Bill then we are sadly mistaken. My biggest fear is that we go back to the self-serving good old boys club that ran this place for the first 15 years I was here from 1990 on. But there was no thought to the overall good of the property or facilities or our privacy and security. There was no recommended list of services or providers, construction, maintenance, painting, plumbing electrical or even basic security patrol.

I hope Bill and Elvis will expand their BEST and groom some others for the passing of the torch because the standard that they have established and we have become comfortable can change for the worse in a heartbeat. Let’s have some town hall meetings to discuss how and when to make a transition that we can all live with while Bill and Elvis’s team are still here to train and advise us as to how to run a community.

Thankful and concerned,

Ted & Sue Stevens

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