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History of Venture III


Over the years the patch of sand and palms we call home has changed tremendously. In 1967 ground was broken on Hutchinson Island where bean and tomatoes fields once flourished. For many of us Venture III has become “Home”. The purpose of this history  will be to delve into our community's past and probe it's transition. This effort has so far been made possible by limited documents and photos from the V3 office and a few individuals.


We would encourage those who are willing, to share their memories and personal recollections about life in the park. If you have pictures, particularly those which show the park’s changes over time, we will be happy to scan and return them to you. The same applies with any written documents. Help us to remember where we came from.


Check back periodically. As new information is added/updated a new version of the history will be posted.


If you have information you would like to contribute or you have questions/updates in the history, please contact Bob McAllister at A16 or email


Latest version is  29 Oct 2017 , added  an interesting fact about unit 610 St Lucie Out.

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