2023 Community Video/Internet Upgrade 

HOTWIRE Open Letter to the Community - 24 Oct 2022

Another shipment of HotWire equipment arrived today 20 Oct. 

Equipment being moved to the Storage area for staging.


Those coils of cable are finally being unwound and being put in the ground. These pictures show the installation of fiber along Crevalle.  The fiber you see will be tucked into the round green and grey rectangular boxes. Each connection junctions that will serve up to five lots.

Unlike the COMCAST and AT&T pedestals, the Hotwire boxes will be flush with the road or ground surface. The type of box is determined by the specific location of the installation.


IMG_ 20220817_103831_edited.jpg
IMG_ 20220817_103447_edited.jpg

On 1 Aug the first signs of Hotwire activity appeared in the park. As more activity takes place, we will continue to post pictures.

The large reels are the mainline cables and the smaller cables are lateral distribution lines.

On 11 Mar 2022 Hotwire Communication's conducted their first community wide presentation, live  in the Club House. The presentation was also be available on ZOOM for owners who could not attend in person.

We have posted  a video of the presentation HERE
HotwireContract Signing.jpg

New HOTWIRE Communications Contract Signing

On 29 Oct 2021, President Bill Lembach and our  attorney Chelle Konyk, signed the new 10 year fiber optic contract with HOTWIRE Communications.

As soon as a master installation plan is developed, we will provide the plan and a timeline on this page so watch for updates.  The goal is to have everything in place and fully operational by Feb 2023 when our current Comcast/Xfinity contract expires. 

On 29 Sep 2021 the Venture 3 Board of Directors unanimously voted to award a 10 year telecommunications contract to HOTWIRE Communications. This contract will provide bundled internet and video services to the community.  We can expect full implementation of service by Feb of 2023 when the current COMCAST contract is due to terminate.
Once the contract has been signed, we will include a projected project time line as installation progresses
Please see this letter from President Bill Lembach

 Channel listings for Hotwire is provided here


AS OF 17 AUG 2021

We have compiled a list of the questions and answers that have come so far. This section will be updated as more are received.