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  • It has been roughly 56 years since the developers of Venture began dredging our canals and building the sea walls that outline those canals.

  • You can imagine the pounding these structures have taken from Hurricanes and storms of the last 5 decades.

  • Many of these seawalls have been replaced or reinforced over time, however, there are still a number of these original seawalls in the park. It is not a question of "IF" they will fail only "When".

  • Keep in mind, that should your seawall fail, you as an owner, are responsible not only for you own damage but also any damage the failure may cause to your neighbors.

  • If your seawall has never been replaced it would behoove you to have it inspected by a reputable engineer. 

  • Here is a recent example of what can happen. The seawall failure almost threatened the foundation of the home and caused damage to V3 sewage infrastructure. Tracking down the sewage break led to this location.

  • The mound of dirt in the hole was added after discovery. It originally was an open void leading directly to the canal.

How Safe Is Your Seawall ?


Letter from the V3 President

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